Propel Impact Analyst Program

Recruit some of the most talented, ambitious, and impact-driven young people in Canada.

Curated talent pool.
Analysts are coming out of a year-long hands-on Impact Consulting or Impact Investing Fellowship. They've learned and tested the skills you need in your organization.
No administrative burden.
Propel Impact will manage the recruitment and the bulk of the hiring process for your organization. Analysts will be employees or contractors of Propel Impact.
Meet your next full-time hire.
We're proud to say that 83% of our 29 previous partner organizations have retained Propel Impact talent after the internship period ended.

The Details


Key Details: The internship dates are May 6 to August 9, 2024 (14 weeks). Partners can be matched with up to four Analysts.

Analyst Commitment: Analysts work 35 hours/week. They spend 28 hours per week with your organization and the remaining 7 hours per week on training, programming, and national projects managed by Propel Impact.

Analyst Backgrounds: Most Analysts will be recruited from our pool of trained Propel Impact Fellows, who have completed at least 10 months of training in Propel's Impact Investing and Impact Consulting Fellowships. They will come with a range of technical skills ranging from due diligence to sectoral research, and all will be familiar with the Canadian social innovation & social finance sector. External candidates will be recruited as needed.

Recruitment Support: Propel Impact will draft job descriptions, manage written and video application submissions, and coordinate the interview process. You will have access to our anti-biased recruitment resources. Organizations make the final decision on candidates.

Internship Program Management: Propel Impact convenes all Analysts on a weekly basis for cohort-wide team meetings, a speaker series, and mentorship opportunities. We have established partnerships with wage subsidy programs, a process that we manage on your behalf if your Analyst(s) are eligible.

Organization Eligibility

• You are an impact-first company or an intermediary with a mandate to support impactful ventures, social entrepreneurs, and the growth of the social innovation and social finance sector in Canada. Examples of intermediaries include: impact investing funds, social impact incubators/accelerators, advisory or consulting firms, think tanks, charitable foundations.
• Your organization is headquartered in Canada.
At a minimum, your organization can contribute $6,300/Analyst (50% of the Analyst's salary and mandatory employment-related costs, plus GST).
• Your organization will designate a manager to be responsible for the learning experience of the Analyst(s).
• You are committed to providing an exceptional experience for Analyst(s) which will challenge them intellectually while prioritizing their wellbeing and personal growth.

We will next be recruiting employer partners in Fall 2024.
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"RADIUS SFU has partnered with Propel Impact’s Analyst Program for two years. The caliber and professionalism of three Analysts we have hosted in that time is remarkable. Propel Impact’s thoughtful and robust support of the Analysts throughout their term is a real asset, and the ripple effect to our organization is evident."
“It is such a pleasure to be a host organization for the Propel Impact Analyst Program. The team is great and over the past two summers, the Analysts we worked with have provided such value in regard to their passion, perspectives, and work ethic. We have offered both Analysts the opportunity to continue working with us and we look forward to being apart of the program again."
- Relativ Impact
“The Propel Impact Residency has provided SVX with a pipeline of stellar talent who contribute to our organization's work consistently above and beyond expectations. The Analysts are high-performing, dedicated, and eager to make a positive impact with their careers, and we are always thrilled to have them onboard with us.”

Previous Analyst Program partners include:


How does the recruitment process work?
In December, Propel Impact will publish the internship job descriptions for Propel Impact Fellows and external candidates to access. In January, our team will do the first screening of written applications and invite selected applicants to submit a video interview. We will share video interviews with your team, and you can then select who you would like to get to know further in a virtual or in-person interview. We have developed a number of anti-biased interview resources; you will have access to a bank of interview questions and rubrics to help you assess candidates in the most equitable way possible.
How will we find our candidates?
Current and previous Propel Impact Fellows (i.e. those who have completed training in either impact consulting or impact investing) are first in line once internship opportunities are posted. We will open up a select number of opportunities to external candidates as well, to ensure that we are making this program accessible to a wider community.
Can we hire more than one Analyst?
Yes. We encourage partners to hire Analysts in pairs at a minimum - it provides a much stronger learning and work experience for them when they have a peer. However, if management capacity is limited, we completely understand and do consider organizations that can only hire one Analyst at a time.
How are Analyst salaries covered?
The 2024 Propel Analyst salary and mandatory employment-related costs is $12,000 per Analyst ($22/hour x 35 hours/week x 14 weeks + 11% for MERCs). The cost of training Analysts and program overhead are funded by grants Propel secures. We request that your organization contribute the cost for each Analyst salary and MERCs. However, we are committed to running an accessible program and recognize that impact organizations are at different stages of development. If your organization cannot pay the full salary, we have accessed a limited number of subsidies to support costs. Find more information in the application form.

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