Build an impact-driven career.

The knowledge, experience, and connections you need to thrive in the impact economy.

What can you expect
in our programs?

Hands on learning.

This is not another series of lectures or webinars. This is a chance to get up out of your seat. To feel the thrill of solving real problems. To grow at the speed of light—faced with complex decisions that nobody can make for you.

This is a chance to do meaningful things, and learn by doing them.

Truly impactful projects.

Everything you do in these programs is of consequence. When you’re working with local organizations to make communities stronger and the planet healthier—there isn’t a wasted minute.

In these programs, you’ll make lives better. You’ll see that quickly.

Real connection building.

You won’t change the world alone—you’ll do it alongside brilliant peers, inspiring advisors, driven entrepreneurs, and the communities you want to uplift. It'll all start here.

Here, you’ll meet the people you'll be making an impact with for years to come.

How do our
programs work?

You can start your journey in one of two programs:

Propel Impact
Consulting Fellowship

Learn the principles of social innovation and work on projects for impact-driven organizations.

Duration: One year
Eligibility: People based in Canada aged 18-30
Recruiting next: February 2025

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Propel Impact
Investing Fellowship

Co-manage a community finance fund. Turn real investments into meaningful impact.

Duration: Two years
Eligibility: Undergraduate students based in Canada
Recruiting next: February 2025

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Once that's complete, you can move on to our:

Propel Impact
Analyst Program

Intern with an impact investing fund, accelerator, or advisory firm. Get paid to solve pressing problems.

Duration: 14 weeks
Eligibility: Previous Fellows based in Canada
Recruiting next: December 2024

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Our goal is to make these experiences career-defining. Hear from our alumni to see if we're on the right track.

“Before I joined Propel Impact, I didn’t even know what social innovation was. This program has given me a framework where I can admit that I don’t know, yet I feel supported. That’s been the most meaningful part: knowing that I’m not alone.”
- Njoki Mbũrũ (Program Facilitator, Vancouver Foundation; 2020/2021 Fellow)
“Propel Impact has not only opened the door thanks to the skillset and practical experience gained from being a Fellow, but has convinced me of the type of role I feel I should play in this space. There's no looking back now, I know exactly where I'm going.”
- Olivia Charlebois (Consultant, International Financial Consulting Ltd.; 2020/2021 Fellow)
“Joining the Montreal Propel Impact Fund has been one of the most impactful experiences of my undergraduate career. It has taught me that there is much more than the traditional paths of business and has introduced me to many passionate individuals that care about making the world a better place.”
- Andrew Hong (Strategy Consultant, Monitor Deloitte; Montreal Propel Impact Fund Alum)


Does where I live in Canada affect my eligibility?
For the Impact Consulting Fellowship, you can be located anywhere in Canada as long as you have access to a computer and stable internet connection. For the Impact Investing Fellowship, you must be attending a post-secondary institution in either Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, London, Kingston, Ottawa, or Montréal. Please connect with our team if you still have questions after reviewing our eligibility criteria above.
Can I participate in both the Impact Consulting and Impact Investing Fellowships at the same time?
Due to the time commitment of each program, we require candidates to commit to one program if you are eligible and accepted to both.
Can I complete the programs if I am planning to go on academic exchange?
Going on academic exchange will not limit your acceptance into the programs. However, due to the teamwork aspects of the experience, you may be required to join meetings and workshops at odd hours in your local time zone (depending on where you are living).  If you are planning on going on exchange while participating in our programs, please let us know.
Is there an application or program fee?
There are no costs associated with applying to or participating in the Propel Impact Consulting or Investing Fellowships at the moment.

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