Propel Impact Consulting Fellowship

Learn to tackle tomorrow’s challenges.

Understand a problem space. Work with a team.
Build a solution. See it through.

Applications will open again in February 2025.

Who is it for: youth aged 18 - 30 studying, working, or living anywhere in Canada
How long is it: 10 hours/week
Learn and apply crucial skills.
Our Fellowship program is comprehensive, nationally recognized, and directly applicable. You'll learn the skills you need to thrive in the sector—through hands on and workshop-based learning.
Grow as you make an impact.
We don't want you sitting on the sidelines. You want to make the world a better place—and as a Fellow you will. See how past Fellows have learned while making a real impact.
Join a supportive community.
As a Fellow, you'll be welcomed into a space filled with friendship and opportunity. You'll be first in line for summer internships at select firms, meet brilliant peers, and strengthen your professional network.

Meet some of our
brilliant Fellows!

There are three key ingredients to the Impact Consulting Fellowship

Training • Personal and Professional Development • Consulting Projects

supported by


The values at the root of effective, thoughtful, and compassionate change-making.

• Anti-racist and anti-oppressive practices
• Reconciliation and decolonization
• Community engagement
Knowledge & Frameworks
The mental models that you need for effective impact projects.

• Systems thinking
• Theory of change
• Stakeholder mapping
Technical skills you need for a successful career in social innovation and social finance.
• Market research
• Assessing for feasibility
• Impact measurement
• Financial modelling

Personal and Professional

Community Building
• Alumni-led in-person socials in communities across Canada
• Coffee chats with peers and Propel Impact alumni
Personal Development
• Mentorship from impact professionals (investors, entrepreneurs, consultants)
• Project coaching from Kearney consultants
• Speaker series featuring practitioners from various fields in social innovation and social finance

Consulting Projects

After your Fellowship, you're eligible to become an Analyst—putting you first in line for internships at organizations like

Impact Advisory Firms
Impact Investing Organizations

How it all works

Submit an application
Make sure you’re eligible and submit an application:

You need:
- To have 10 hours/week available from May - August for asynchronous training, and 10 hours/week available from September - March for projects (with a programming break in December)
- To have a demonstrated interest in and care for environmental and social issues
- To have strong self-awareness, empathy, and emotional intelligence

You don't need:
- To have prior consulting experience
- To have studied business
- To have relevant working experience
May - August: Training
Throughout the summer, you'll spend 10 hours a week learning through workshops and online assignments.
October - November: First Project
You'll work actively with an impact-driven organization to solve a crucial problem. You'll receive mentorship from a Kearney Consultant and Propel alum along the way.
Spend your summer as a paid Summer Analyst
As a Fellow, you'll be first in line for our Summer Analyst Program: where you’ll spend 80% of your time working as a paid Analyst in one of our partner organizations and 20% of your summer working with Propel Impact as an Innovator-in-Residence.
You'll be interviewed by two Propel Impact representatives (combination of our core team and alumni). You'll be notified in April if you're successful.
September: Project Preparation
In September, you'll start working on your first impact consulting project.
January - March: Second Project
Having learned from your first project, you'll take on a second brief with a different organization.
Throughout: Personal and Professional Development
You'll have access to social events, alumni-led discussions, 1:1 goal-setting sessions with our team, and more throughout the Fellowship.


What types of consulting projects will we work on?
You will work on projects with a range of social enterprises, early stage impact ventures, non-profits, and charities working in communities across Canada. Propel Impact Fellows have consulted both startups and organizations that have been operating for decades. Projects will be scoped to address one of the following four areas:

1. Market Research
2. Feasibility Assessment
3. Financial Modelling
4. Impact Measurement
What type of training will I receive to prepare me for these consulting projects?
Over the summer, you will participate in foundational training led by expert practitioners across the country through a series of Zoom workshops and asynchronous assignments, covering a range of topics including truth and reconciliation, systems thinking, and market research, theory of change, and impact measurement. In the month before your first consulting project, you'll receive training from Kearney on project and client management.
What do I need to submit an application?
Every February, we start the application process for the upcoming cohort, which includes a written application (short responses to a series of questions). We do not collect resumes or cover letters as part of an effort to standardize the application process for candidates of all backgrounds.
Can I still apply if I am 30+ years old?
We are currently building a program catered towards individuals outside of our current audience, including mid-career professionals. Sign up here to receive updates. If you are on the edge of our current age requirements (ex. recently turned 31), please connect with our team.

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