Consulting and Project Support

Tailored support for impact-driven organizations.

Work with a team of eager young professionals to solve your critical organizational challenges.

Dedicated, driven talent.
From thousands of applicants, we've helped cultivate a uniquely energized and brilliant community of young people that bring everything they have to improving the world.
Focused, practical support
Our teams undergo rigorous training to develop fundamental skills in strategy, research, and social innovation. Teams are guided by experienced Project Advisors to provide you with the tools you need, as soon as possible.
Rooted in equity-centred principles.
All teams are familiar with principles focused on anti-racism, anti-oppression, reconciliation, decolonization, and thoughtful community engagement.

In the past three years, we've helped 160+ purpose-driven partners overcome a wide variety of challenges.

It doesn't matter if you're a social enterprise, impactful venture, nonprofit or acooperative. As long as you're primarily focused on making a social or environmental impact—we'd love to work with you.

What makes an ideal
Propel Impact project?


Distinct organizational challenges that can be completed by Propel Impact Fellows over 8 weeks.

Duration: eight weeks
Team Structure: 3-5 Propel Impact Fellows with a Propel Impact Advisor
Focus Areas: Market Research, Business Development, Financial Modelling, Impact Measurement, Marketing & Communications, Strategy & Operations


• You have a social and/or environmental mandate. We are open to all forms of organizations.
• You are headquartered in Canada or you have a significant amount of operations in Canada.
• You have plans to fundraise capital (philanthropy, grants venture capital, impact investing etc.) in the next 1-2 years.
• You have an interesting project that can be completed in eight weeks.
Previous Projects

Organizations we’ve worked with

Client testimonials

“The project support provided by Propel Impact Fellows was an amazing help to our organization and helped us to confirm we were on the right track in reopening following a necessary closure due to COVID. The extensive market research and financial projections the team completed for us was exactly what we needed to understand the emerging opportunities in our field and the best ways to increase our market reach."
- The Barking Lot (Fredericton, New Brunswick)
“Propel Impact Fellows provided our organization with a really comprehensive framework to help us understand and address trends and opportunities in our industry. They very quickly showed that they understood our business model and were able to bring relevant, fresh perspectives to help guide our planning process moving forward.”
- Mealshare (National)
“Propel Impact has provided tremendous value to CityStudio. The Fellows were incredibly intelligent, curious, thoughtful, and asked critical questions that challenged my team to clarify our goals and think in deeper and new ways. The final deliverables and recommendations surpassed my expectations in terms of quality, thoroughness, and usefulness.”
- CityStudio (Vancouver, British Columbia)


Who will we be working with?
Your organization will be matched with a team of 4-5 Fellows who come from a variety of backgrounds. Many Fellows are senior year undergraduate students, and others are completing graduate degrees or have been in the workforce for a few years. Each team will be supported by a Project Advisor - either an experienced alum or a Propel Impact team member.
What criteria do you use to select projects?
Project requests are assessed on three criteria: whether they address specific social and environmental issues that are aligned with Propel Impact’s priorities, whether the Fellows have the requisite skills to complete the project successfully, and whether the proposed scope offers strong learning opportunities for the Fellows (in other words, goes beyond administrative and repetitive tasks).
Can we issue more than one project at a time?
You may submit more than one project proposal if your organization has multiple needs, and Propel Impact will assess fit based on the criteria above. However, the likelihood of Propel Impact being able to work with your team on more than one project at a time is low, as we aim to support as many different organizations as possible.
What type of projects can be issued? How should we go about scoping the work?
In the past, Fellows have completed projects focused on market research, business development, financial modeling/projections, impact measurement strategy, marketing and communications, and general strategy. A strong project proposal will only cover one of these areas. Once the projects begin, determining the scope of work will be the first priority to ensure project success. Read some case studies showcasing previous projects for inspiration.

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