Chloe Hung

Rotational Analyst, Fundamental Investments at CPP Investments
Kingston Propel Impact Fund Manager (2020-2022), Analyst at Good & Well (2020), Propel Impact Consulting Fellow (2019/2020)
“Propel Impact taught me what I wasn’t learning in school. It enriched my learning and furthered my interest in social innovation and finance through opportunities to work directly with social enterprises, applications that strengthened my technical acumen, and modules on relevant sectors and issues. For me, the fellowship was an entrance to the growing social innovation space that no other program provides.”

What was your career path?

During my sophomore year at Queen’s Commerce, I joined the Fellowship Program to discover how business and social impact can work in harmony. I then took part in the Analyst Program, where I completed an internship with the SIA and Good & Well. This internship experience solidified my interest in impact investing and prompted me to join the Kingston Social Value Fund. To further my investment acumen, I completed an internship in Private Equity at PSP Investments and am now a full-time Analyst at CPP Investments, where I hope to become a well-rounded investor through exposure to a number of asset classes.

How did Propel Impact help you grow?

Propel Impact was instrumental in guiding my career decisions. It equipped me with a fundamental understanding of the impact ecosystem and helped me discover where I wanted to build a career within it. Finance was not my key area of interest before starting undergrad, but my exposure to impact investing through Propel Impact encouraged me to explore and eventually enter the industry. The network I developed through Propel Impact continues to be an invaluable asset in my career.

What issue do you most want to tackle in the world?

Some issues I would like to tackle exist in the areas of education, climate, urban development, and financial inclusion. Given my broad aspirations, I hope to use capital as a tool to foster impactful, critical outcomes in a multitude of areas.