Nick Harterre

Associate Analyst at Tesla
Propel Impact Consulting Fellow (2020/2021), Analyst with Canvas Impact Advisors (2021)
“The Propel Impact Analyst Program was a defining factor in my professional and personal growth.”

What was your career path?

Early involvement in politics led me to UBC’s Bachelor of International Economics to explore the role of economics in public policy. Here, I became a big nerd when it comes to environmental economics, and I focused all my energy on better understanding climate policy. I worked at a social impact tech startup prior to the Propel Impact Residency, and later in sustainable finance as an Analyst with Canvas Impact Advisors. These experiences and my academic interests led me to Tesla.

How did Propel Impact help you grow?

Propel Impact provided an opportunity to explore finance-related career paths as a student without a finance background. From building financial models for social impact organizations to conducting ESG due diligence for investors, these skills continue to add value to my career. Propel Impact allowed me to explore various career paths and better understand ESG and sustainable finance in a supportive learning environment.

What issue do you most want to tackle in the world?

I believe climate change is one of the greatest social and economic challenges facing our society. It is one that leaves no community, industry, or state untouched. I hope to use my career to drive forward effective policy solutions to mitigate climate change, incentivize the technology we need to meet challenges, and ensure no community is left behind as we accelerate our transition to a sustainable economy.