Yash Lohchav

Investment Banking Summer Analyst at Moelis
Kingston Propel Impact Fund Manager (2020-2022), Analyst at Marigold Capital (2021)
“My time with Propel provided the needed combination of fundamental financial skills and social impact knowledge to kickstart a career I’m excited about.”

What was your career path?

I am currently a third year commerce student at Queen’s University. I started out in my first year winter working at a small search fund in Toronto. During that summer I completed my time with Marigold Capital as one of the analysts on the team. This summer I completed an internship at CIBC Capital Markets as an investment banking analyst and am currently working at Burgundy Asset Management as an investment intern. Next summer I’ll be joining Moelis as an Investment Banking Analyst.

How did Propel Impact help you grow?

Propel acted as one of my introductions into the world of finance. It helped provide a lens to start thinking about businesses and showed me the role it can have in social impact. While I don’t currently hold a role with an impact focus, I hope to transition to one eventually, and the Propel Impact Fund has provided me with the context I need to eventually achieve that goal.

What issue do you most want to tackle in the world?

I hope to one day help tackle the issue of access to education. While there has been immense progress in the space, there are still significant barriers in affordability, infrastructure, funding, etc. I want to help build meaningful infrastructure that is both well-developed and sustainable in the long-term.