The Context

Moozoom is a digitally-enabled educational technology platform that aims to help elementary school students build life skills nad learn to handle everyday challenges through its social-emotional learning (SEL) software and interactive, live-action videos focused on topics ranging from rejection to bullying.


Focus Area: Mental health for students (SDG 3.4)

Deal size: $40,000

Year: 2022

The Need

Moozoom was looking to raise a seed capital round from impact investors in order to enable expansion into new geographic markets and accelerate product development.

The Deal

Following a thorough due diligence process that included research into the socio-emotional learning landscape, interviews with teachers, and confirmation of financial viability, the Montreal Propel Impact Fund invested $20,000 in Moozoom alongside $20,000 from Guy Gervais, an Investment committee member and long-time supporter. As the only youth impact investors in this funding round, the Montreal Propel Impact Fund is able to provide a fresh youth-led perspective as Moozoom scales its operations and impact.

The Impact

The impact